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NAUTILUS Business Cluster for Sustainable Lifestyle

NAUTILUS is a special group of local (business, academic, governmental and civil) actors, that realised the new global trends and the transitioning of costumers habits. The cluster takes common action to raise the trade of sustainable lifestyle products and also provides resources and stucture for that.

The initiative was launched by 30 organisations on the day of Earth, 22 April 2011. 67% of the membership are business entities, and all of them are local small and medium enterprises. The Cluster Management Organisation is a regional NGO (Flora and Fauna of North Hungary Nature and Animal Protection Foundation).

The goal of NAUTILUS Cluster is to foster the market access of products needed for a sustainable lifestyle.

Products & Services of the members:

We provide a toolkit (products and services) for sustainable lifestyle to conscious consumers, according to the following areas:

  • sustainable homes
  • healthy families
  • sustainable freetime activities
  • eco-consciousness
  • sustainable transport
  • green workplaces

Cluster services:

Administration, coordination, searching for new members
Adaptation of good practices, organising brokerage events
Project generation, preparation and development (joint R&D and other projects)
Organizing cluster events and representing members on national and international conferences
Database development and information management
Marketing activities

Our starting cluster project is supported by the European Union and by The Hungarian National Development Agency.

nautilusklaszterContact: Peter Lenkey, clustermanager
ÉMFF Alapítvány
Mail: Avasalja u. 13., H-3530 Miskolc, Hungary
Mobil: +36 30 375 0949

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